Don’t Hire Us…


Ok, let’s be clear.

You don’t hire us because of our awesome videos (although that helps)!
You don’t hire us for our awesome ideas (which help too).
You don’t hire us because we’re nice people to work with (unless you are returning to us).

You can look for whatever reason, but all of them lead to the same one: you hire us to sell more.


We love to listen to people. And we heard this story many times.

It happens like this:

The client (you) hires a production company to film a commercial about your product, brand or service.
The idea for the commercial is awesome (or not).
You do the commercial. The quality is outstanding (or not). Everything perfect and ready, on theory.

Weeks later, not a lot of people saw your awesome commercial. The ones who watched it, don’t remember it anymore (except your friends).


Then, you thought you didn’t invest your money properly, or that you didn’t need a commercial, or (maybe) that your commercial (and the production company) sucks. But then, your friend, who has good taste and knows about advertising, tells you that, in fact, your video is really good.


Well, that’s the story. You missed maybe the most important part: distribution. Did you have a strategy and a campaign to position your commercial? Did your potential clients watch it? Maybe you uploaded it to YouTube, to your website, or you even put some money on your social media ad.

We listened, learnt from stories like that. That’s why we are not only producers. We distribute your investment. We make people aware. We make sure that it will be seen by your potential customers. We don’t abandon you when the video is finished. We go hand in hand with you till the end of the process.

Your video, your investment, will be watched.

And your sales will grow.

That’s the whole point, isn’t it?